Jeroen Sirag takes up senior marketing role at Royal Huisman, Huisfit and Rondal

Jeroen Sirag takes up senior marketing role at Royal Huisman, Huisfit and Rondal

Royal Huisman’s drive to fully develop the potential of the group’s brands has taken a major step forward with the appointment of Jeroen Sirag. Jeroen has been appointed Marketing Director from 1st July 2021with overall responsibility for global marketing strategy and operations at Royal Huisman, Rondal and Huisfit.

Jeroen joins a new strategic leadership team, alongside Royal Huisman Commercial Director Peter Naeyé and headed by CEO Jan Timmerman, reflecting Royal Huisman’s strong commitment to investment in the shipyard’s future. The aim is to take fullest advantage of existing- and emerging market opportunities while – of equal importance – securing the business against new challenges.

Jeroen’s assignment is to introduce a new level of strategic planning and marketing to the superyacht sector. After studying Hotel Management, Jeroen embarked on a marketing and commercial management career with international high-end luxury hotels, including the iconic Conservatorium Hotel, Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam and The Landmark in London. Moving to the HISWA Holland Yachting Group, Jeroen applied his capabilities to a new sector, building his business leadership profile and consolidating a 20-year track record of success in brand development and strategic marketing.

Jan Timmerman, CEO Royal Huisman comments: “There is no question that the addition of someone of Jeroen’s calibre to our team will accelerate progress towards key objectives. Jeroen brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative thinking to the role, together with widely recognised excellence in team management. I am looking forward to a productive relationship.”

Jeroen Sirag adds: “Looking ahead, I see a significant opportunity for the Royal Huisman brands, not only in driving reputation and profitability, but in enhancing their desirability as the world’s most prestigious luxury marine marque. I am honoured to join the team and committed to maximising my contribution to a company that has pursued perfection for over 135 years.”