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Mooring Winches

Mooring Winches


Imagine mooring winches operated by a wireless remote control unit, enabling a single watchkeeper to select and check each line in turn and trim as necessary. 

Sounds good, right? Get to know our mooring winches applications.

Have you read the latest regulations from SOLAS regarding about mooring? As of 2024 mooring vessels above 3000GT it will become mandatory as a hands-off procedure and below 3000GT it is strongly advised.  Rondal's captive winches have been used on sailing yachts for many years but are also ideally suited for handling mooring lines, we have already supplied the first sets for a 100m+ motor yacht. If interested, please contact us.

Rondal Mooring Winches



With Rondal's mooring winches, we supply a complete mooring system that we can integrate with yacht builders. We always strive for the most efficient line running on board. Whether you need electric or hydraulic winches, we push the boundaries for the best possible solution.

Operating almost entirely hands-free, it substantially reduces crew safety risks and is cleaner and more precise to operate. No cleating is required, and when trimming the mooring line, no manual line handling is needed, ensuring safety.

How it works?
Two crew members, each with a control unit, can split responsibilities for faster adjustment if preferred. Loads on all the winch sheaves are monitored and integrated with the ship’s AMS system. The system’s load capacities meet established Classification requirements.

Mooring has never been easier, with Rondal's mooring winches.


In addition to the all-important issues of safety and functionality, the low-profile, below-decks installation of captive reel winches meets every owner’s desire to declutter and 'de-industrialize' the deck spaces of an otherwise impeccably designed superyacht.

Mooring Winches
Mooring Winches

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