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Sailing Systems

Sailing Systems


At Rondal, we can oversee all of your sail handling requirements as a single, cohesive project, ensuring optimal performance in every aspect of your yacht under sail.

With a strong in-house team of engineers, naval architects, sailors, and our trusted industry partners, you can have confidence that your project is engineered and fitted with rigs and components best suited to your yacht's design criteria. Our strength lies in bringing the entire sailing system together to ensure that every part of the sailing package, whether it's a Rondal component or another's, works compatibly and meets performance expectations.


Drawing from decades of building experience and expertise, Rondal is the only company in the world capable of providing a fully integrated sailing system for spars, rigging, furling systems, captive or deck winches, and deck equipment. Rondal doesn't just supply a mast, boom, or winch; we ensure that every component in the system operates perfectly in sync with one another.