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In completing the sailing system, you need rigging. Rigging includes the ropes, cables, and chains supporting a yacht's mast and sail. In the world of rigging, you have standing rigging and running rigging.

Standing rigging involves fixed lines, wires, or rods supporting each mast, reinforcing them against wind loads from sails. And running rigging that adjusts the sail position and shape, a moveable component in rigging.


Rigging is a profession in itself; we collaborate with top partners in the field to ensure our quality standards. Our commitment lies in delivering precise and reliable rigging materials, essential for a seamless sailing experience. For our latest projects, we worked with:

  • Future Fibers
  • CarboLink
  • Rigging Projects
  • Smartrigging
  • BSI Rigging
  • Offshore Rigging
  • Cooper Rigging
  • Carl Stahl
  • Gleistein

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