Composite Specials

Rondal has been applying new techniques, learned through extensive research and development that have proved highly successful when building components, masts and booms using composite materials. 

Composite construction offers less weight, higher strength and stiffness over the traditional use of metals and wood. Building in composite also allows for artistic freedom of shapes and forms as almost anything is possible when building in composite.



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People behind the product

Adri Wolf

Production Manager - Composite

When asked about composite construction and design Adri will say, “Composite is beautiful, everything is possible. I can build everything out of composite, it is a relatively new material and that makes it fun to work with. There is a lot yet to be discovered.”

Adri Wolf - Production Manager - Composite

Dave Arends

Production Leader Composites

When I began my career at Rondal our focus was on mast & boom construction, but with the innovation in building methods using the latest composite materials we have been able to expand into building superior composite structures for both sailing and motor yachts. What motivates me on a daily basis is the desire to gain perfect outcomes both with what we build and within my team.

Dave Arends - Production Leader Composites


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